Creature territories


When the GM designs the map, every forest and mountains become zones, he also gets to split the plains into 4 different zones however he sees fit. He then rolls 1d6 for each of those zones which gives them their difficulty penalties as far as finding animals. If he doesn’t roll a 1 on any zone, he takes the lowest one, or one of the lowest zones, at his discretion, and assigns it 1. Once in a while, through random events, there’s a chance of these zones getting rerolled. this chart designates the difficulty penalties on finding tracks and fishes in those areas:

Zone number check penalty
1 0
2 1
3 2
4 3
5 4
6 5

When the player tries to find tracks or fish, the GM rolls a d20 at a base DC10. The territory penalty is then added onto the check, so if the player tries to hunt in a zone with a difficulty of 6, the DC becomes 16. If the check fails, there are no animals to be found in that zone that day.

Creature territories

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