Cooking and food


Raw meat or fish only lasts for 24 hours and is inedible. Fruits last for 7 days. so it is imperative to cook it. Food is accounted for in weight. The player needs to eat 2 lbs of food everyday and drink 4 lbs of water a day or things get bad, as explained below.

Cooking is what you do to turn raw meat or fish into cooked food. It is also used in the process of conserving some food by smoking it.

Cooking is simple enough, it requires a lit fire and a cooking check at a DC10, if the player is successful, he gets it all, if he rolls inbetween 6 and 9, the food is a little burnt and has lost half of it’s nutriments, basically incurring the same weight as regular food for half the nutritive factor. So 2 lbs of burned meat is only equal to 1 lbs of food when the player eats it. If he rolls under that, the whole thing is wasted. The player can cook 10 lbs of food per hour. Cooking meat makes it edible and makes it last for 48 hours.

Storing food in a box which is located in a cellar extends that duration by 10.

Smoking food

You can preserve food for even longer by smoking it. To smoke food, you need a ditch and 3 logs. Then you must roll a DC15 cook check as you light the fire and put the food into the hole before covering it with dirt. The whole process requires 1 hour of active time by the player and then the player has to wait inbetween 8 to 12 hours before getting the food out. If the check was failed, the food is wasted and burned to a crisp, if it is succesful, the meat is smoked and will last twice as long as cooked meat would, so 4 days out of a cellar and 40 days in a cellar.

It is to be noted that for the sake of simplicity, food duration is basically “reset” when it is cooked or smoked, meaning that even if the meat was about to go bad.

Dehydration and starvation

The rules for those are simple, for everyday the player goes without reaching his minimum nutrition, he takes a -1 penalty to all skills. After 1 week of dehydration, the player dies. After 2 weeks of starvation, it is assumed that the character is too weak to accomplish any tasks and also dies.

Once the player is in a state of dehydration or starvation, he needs to ingest 1.5x the usual amount of food or water, so 3 lbs of food or 6 lbs of water to get his strength back. If he only ingests the usual amount, he doesn’t get better nor worst. For everyday that he can eat the required amount to beat off his starving state, he removes 1 from his penalties and must get back to it the next day.

Cooking and food

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