Character creation

In d20 survival, your character doesn’t level up, he doesn’t go from full strength to dying from losing magical numbers called HP. He gets better at things by doing them! And he gets to death by brutally getting worst and worst as he’s getting savagely demolished by an angry bear.

Anyhow. here is the character sheet

creating a character is simple. You use a 20 pt buy, just like in pathfinder. assigning points into various stats.


  • Strength: Determines how much you can carry and how badly you can hurt someone with that nasty club you just made yourself.
  • Agility: Determines how well you can dodge incoming attacks and your ability to sneak towards your prey.
  • Endurance: Whilst it doesn’t determine your HP like it would in many other systems, it’s one of the most important stats as it determines how well you can withstand harsh weather, diseases, how much distance you can make in your travels and helps in case of starvation/dehydration.
  • Intelligence: Affects important skills to allow you to craft things along with determining how many skills you can “TAG” at character creation.
  • Wisdom: It’s all about your senses, how perceptive you are and it’s a very useful stat when you’re trying to track your next meal.
  • Charisma: This one is obviously how well you can interact with the tribals that you may find in your travels, wether they are agressive or friendly towards you, they won’t be too keen on doing business with you without a little pushing.


Skill points: When you create your character, you get to choose an amount of “Tagged” skills equal to your intelligence modifier + 1. Those skills receive a +3 class bonus, meaning you can customize your character a little bit with skills that he may have learned before he was left stranded on the island.

skills are explained in more details here: Skills

That is all you have to worry about at creation, nothing to roll, no feats to choose, this is your character. Of course though, you don’t start naked.

You do begin the game with a basic survival kit containing:
1 cloth shirt
1 cloth pants
1 pair of cloth shoes
1 basic knife
8 lbs of water
4 lbs of food

Character creation

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